Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's October: That Used to Mean Something Around Here

October 1st.  It's a day I used to savor.  I couldn't wait to put up my first October post.  Hell, I even made trailers for my October posts here at Cinema Styles.  Yes, trailers!   Here's one from 2010 that I rather like, especially the last brief shot of The Exorcist:

I even made the videos private after September so they wouldn't get seen again the next October.  Man, who cares, right?  Here's another one (that I unlocked from my YouTube account) for October 2009:

Finally, here's the finale film I made for 2008, my personal favorite October fest ever at Cinema Styles:

So, you can see, October was pretty big around here.  I really got into it.  And then, it just kind of stopped.  Not the love of October, but the blogging about it.  I still try to put up posts for horror around here during October but find my time so torn these days between so many projects, family life and work, that I just don't prepare for the month like I used to.  Others still do, though.  For one, there's that crazy bastard Arbogast on Film.  He left the blogosphere a couple of years back but returns each October like a... like a... blogger who returns each October.  And there's Bill Ryan, also a crazy bastard (but more just mean), who does his whole book thing every October which, this year, I'm happy to say I'm a participant.  I don't know when I'm participating but I'll get him something by this weekend, I think.

And I'll post about horror but, for now, I think the glory days are over.  My lovely wife and I will see horror films at the AFI and maybe a friend with panache will see something with me, too.  Until then, enjoy the climax of Pleasure Island (and revel in that phrase I just wrote).  It has nothing to do with October and has never gathered more than a handful of YouTube views but it has awful rear screen projection, an overbearing musical cue and some of the worst fake running you'll ever see.  It just makes me feel good.  Happy October, everybody!