Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wasting Space

I started this blog over six years ago and in that time I’ve written as a contributor for Movies Unlimited, Mondo Cult Magazine and Cinema Retro as well as numerous blogs and journals hosting blogathons. I’ve guest blogged for vacationing bloggers, done interviews from both ends on other blogs and my own, and was once hired by a now defunct movie site to write articles about any news coming off the entertainment wire (and, yes, that means I even did articles, if you can call them that, on newly released movie posters). It was depressing and lasted only about a month before I threw in the towel. I thought writing about anything having to do with movies would be good. I was wrong. Writing about new posters is not good. It is soul deadening and brain numbing and, yes, stressful. Knowing you’ve been assigned to write up five new stories today, the most exciting of which is a rumor that a famous actor may, or may not, be in a new movie that may, or may not, be directed by that big name director that everyone knows, inspires in one a hopelessness known to big-chain minimum wagers asked to get excited at every morning meeting about being a part of the team.

Frankly, I only took on all that extra work because I love writing so much and wanted to do it as much as I could. When my writing got noticed and reprinted (or commented on) on MSN or The Huffington Post, I felt my hard work was vindicated. A few years later I got hired on by Turner Classic Movies and since then my assignments have grown. Besides a blog post twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays), I have staff articles I write for the main site that I rarely point to either here or Twitter and Facebook. That, and the fact that I have had a sudden rekindling of interest in writing short stories and novels, means most of my free time finds me otherwise engaged in personal endeavors outside of this blog. But...

I grow tired of the limited reach of Facebook and Twitter. Truth is, even the current pathetic and paltry output of this blog gets more hits than anything I put up on Twitter or Facebook. A couple of retweets or shares on Twitter and Facebook pale in comparison to the upwards of ten or twenty thousand hits a popular post receives here. That may not be anything for a big time website but for me, it’s a good amount of exposure. Even my least popular posts will eventually rack up enough views to make it worth my time to keep this blog going.  So why restrict my writing of short stories to an offline endeavor? Why restrict my staff articles for TCM to TCM when I can talk about the same movies in a different context here (especially given that many are unavailable on DVD)? Why restrict short films I make to an offline audience when I have an online outlet right here? Answer: I have no idea. I should fix that.  I should just put it all up here, even if it's just links to articles or short stories. Speaking of which, I plan to publish my short stories on Kindle for free (that is, you can either buy them for 99 cents or borrow them for free from the Kindle library, I don’t care which) if that’s how you prefer to read them. That’s it for now. And please join me on TCM whenever you can. Today, my post is on the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood in celebration of Bette Davis’ day for Summer Under the Stars. My other posts are here. Thanks, and see you soon.