Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hollywood Then and Now: No Way Out Location

The 1987 thriller No Way Out was filmed in and around the Washington, D.C. area and included both opening and closing helicopter shots that, with the aid of Google maps, make the house where Kevin Costner is questioned easily searchable.

The opening shots move us from the Capitol Building, past the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, across to Virginia and the Pentagon.  Here's where the mapping starts.  From the movie:

The Pentagon and the three sided apartment complexes are easy enough to find instantly on Google maps so we wait until we pull past them and start showing rows of houses.

Just past the house with the three dormers, we see a kidney shaped pool and the Arlington Historical Society Building.  These are matched up on Google maps.

As the camera glides on we can see that the road that will eventually lead to the house runs directly in front of the Arlington Historical Society.

Next, as the camera moves down the road, we see a three way intersection with rounded curbs and a house on the right with a chimney in back and a garage and driveway on the side.  There's a curved walkway leading from the driveway to the house.  On the left is a long house turned sideways in relation to the house across the street. We can match it up here.

Next to this intersection, and seen more clearly in the closing credits, are two distinctive features:  A large driveway with a parking space jutting out and widened entry and a crooked pathway next to it.  Seen below on Google maps.

Also seen is the house diagonally across the street, which is where the camera settles in the opening credits and where it takes us away from in the closing credits.  The house in the movie has either been torn down completely or so renovated it is now unrecognizable.

I prefer the original house, myself.  All of this took about a minute comparing the movie to map on a split screen.  Ah, technology, how easy you make it for the idle mind to do useless things.