Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Maila and Me

And so another Halloween arrives. This year Cinema Styles produced a scant five posts (this one included) for the month of October but you know what? I said what I needed to say. My posts on the 1st and the 15th pretty much sum up where I'm at right now with horror and little more needs to be said.

I'm writing a book right now that deals with the paranormal and keeping up with posts and articles for TCM also in step with the celebration of horror that is October so I feel no less about my production this month than any other October, it's just been more scattered than centralized. Facebook takes a lot of the shorter posts that, in the past, would have ended up here.  It's perfect for the short post of a picture, a joke or just a fleeting idea about horror movies.  My contributions at the great Gunslinger blog usually have little to do with horror but even so, I got in a pic of Peter Cushing yesterday, just under the wire, so my October there would not pass without recognition of one of my favorite horror movie icons. Now all that's left for me to do is bid you, one and all, a Happy Halloween! Maila Nurmi does too, from a Halloween party in Los Angeles, October 30th, 1956. Enjoy.

Maila Nurmi, in costume, for Halloween Party.  Oddly, she didn't just go as Vampira.
It doesn't say who the guy is next to Maila, but James Dean died one year and one month before this party and I'd swear that costume is intended as a sick joke to that effect.  Also, her nails.  Jesus Christ, her nails. 
The guy on the Conga drum seems pretty lazy in the costume department.