Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What a Load

All of this makes it tough not only for old movies to survive but for movie history to matter. There is a sense that if you can't tweet about it or post a comment about it on your Facebook wall, it has no value. Once, not so long ago, old and new movies, middle-aged audiences and young audiences, happily coexisted. Movies brought us together. Now a chasm widens between the new and the old, one aesthetic and another, one generation and another. It widens until the past recedes into nothingness, leaving us with an endless stream of the very latest with no regard for what came before. Old movies are now like dinosaurs, and like dinosaurs, they are threatened with extinction.

From Perspective: Millennials Seem to Have Little Use for Old Movies in The LA Times.

What a load of horseshit.  Just more alarmist baloney about how the new generation and new technology and whatever else new we can all get terrified about is going to destroy civilization, and history, as we know it.  It's not true.  It never is.  People age and as they do their curiosity about and appreciation for the past grows.  Most people in their tens and teens couldn't give two shits less about the past.  Most people older than that deride them for it.  And every year someone writes an article about how, this time, it's for real and all of the past will be forgotten or ignored and we will all be drugged and carted off to an "Over 30" concentration camp just like in Wild in the Streets.  And it never happens.  Why?  Because it's horseshit.  A big load of it.