Thursday, June 28, 2012

Claire Brennen, 1934 - 1977

I recently did a write-up for She-Freak and it's star, Claire Brennen, who sadly died at 43 from cancer. There's not a lot of info on Claire Brennan out there but  David Friedman said in an interview that she was very much grateful for the opportunity he gave her and was happy on the set each and every day. He didn't confirm or deny the rumors that she fell in love with her co-star, Felix Silla (and had a child with him) but as I wrote last year on TCM's main site for the article I wrote on She-Freak,
"... Shorty is the one character in the movie Jade despises the most. How delightful if true, that these two actors turned their antagonistic exploits into real life true love. And how sad that Brennen, so young and sweet and beautiful, had to leave us so early. But as long as She Freak exists, this sixties update to Freaks will keep both the spirit and beauty of Brennen alive."