Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Crypt Scene in Dracula (1931)

Notice that the vampires don't exit their coffins by simpy pushing the lid open with the palm of their hands. Rather, they stick their hand out first, contorted and menacing, almost as if, in a friendly manner, they're warning anyone present, "I'm coming out now."

They have pets, kind of. How awesome that there's a possum. There could be bats or a feral cat or a wolf or a snake or some massive spiders.  Instead, a possum and a bee. And the bee get its own coffin. Is the bee undead? Possibly, there's no evidence of a hive and it's waking at the same time as the other vampires.  I have no idea what the implications of an undead bee are.

I want to know more about her. She seems interesting, vampire-wise. I wish Browning had done just a little more with the vamps.

She scares our little possum friend back into this coffin. I like that there's a dead vampire here. It signals that Dracula has had some close calls before but he got them before they got him, but not before they got one of his vamps. It also shows Dracula isn't much into disposing of bodies.

And then there's this: One of the greatest entrances in all of movie history, still. And the movies weren't even 50 years old yet when this was done. Damn.

One final thing. I've always loved that bat logo behind the credits but there's no place where it is free of said credits. They fade into each other. I took several credit screens, including the last which merely has the directing credit, and isolated it. Why? Why not?