Friday, May 4, 2012

Make Me Wanna Holler!

Look at this guy.  This guy right here, below.

"I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one's clenching my throbbing gin-soaked head."
He's sleeping on the side of the road.  Know why?  Because he was going to a picnic and the campgrounds were packed and the traffic was backing up and he was like, "Screw this, we're having our picnic here.  After I nap!" and he pulled over to the side of the road and he collapsed on the grass and if you look ahead, other cars are starting to follow his lead.  They're looking in the rear view and they're like, "Yeah, you know, fuck it."

Or how about these two?
"Except for the suffocating stench of this filthy camisole, this is really comfortable."
There's a fashion show going on and they can't turn off the light and there's no place to sleep because of the hustle and the bustle and the shucking and the jiving and they're like, "Man, fuck this noise!" and they put some blouses over their heads and they pass out.

I take inspiration from these free spirits except in kind of the reverse way in which I should wake up but at the same time put to rest some old notions I have about this blog.

"Curiouser and curiouser." "The suspense is killing me.  Not really."
You know why I don't post here as much anymore?  Because I keep thinking I'll have time to put together some extraordinary goddamn piece of Pulitzer Prize winning analysis on... well, shit, I don't even know.  I keep thinking, "No, don't post that little observation, put it on Facebook."  Then I get to Facebook and I think, "No this is too long for Facebook but too short for Cinema Styles." [cue laugh track] Jesus, sometimes the ridiculousness of my brain makes me want to fling shit at it or, at least, an effigy of it because, you know, shit.

Same thing goes for If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger.  I find a picture.  It's unique.  I think, "There's no series for this so I'll to create one but what if I never find another picture to go in that series?  Then what?"  Then the overthinking begins, the youtube cat videos start rolling while I collect my thoughts and before I know it, it's one in the morning and I've spent another day hilariously accomplishing nothing.  Only it's the kind of hilarious where you down a shot of bourbon and start to cry.  L.O... ah, fuck it.

So I'm just going to pull over to the side of the road, take a nap, regain some strength and chill the fuck out.  I miss Cinema Styles and The Gunslinger.   Time to get back on track.  See you soon.  [cue befuddled silence.  Audience member overheard: "Who is this again?"]