Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween!

Each October I concentrate on horror for the month, usually trying to focus on a theme. This year that theme sort of ended up being a personal one by default. Just entering into a new job I didn't have as much time to write and so when I did, more often than not, it was a personal recollection, like watching The Exorcist with my dad, watching horror movies with my daughter or an unnerving experience I had hiking in a forest. And so, it seems only fitting to wrap up this October with a personal posting, or clipping, if you will, of me with my brother, sister and mother demonstrating Halloween safety for the good people of Charleston, South Carolina way back in 1970 [pictured below]. I've had the paper for years (40 to be exact) and figured it was about time I scanned it for posterity.

Now, I have no clue how this all came about. None at all. I'm sure my mom told me several times but I've long forgotten. All I know is that, somehow, we were chosen for this piece and the paper provided the costumes. You can tell we're in a military town by my costume, a Special Forces uniform, at the height of American dissatisfaction with the Vietnam war. I'm sure The Green Berets was probably still playing in Charleston and was a big hit, hence the choice. Personally, I thought it was about as cool as you could get. I was so bummed when I had grown out of it the following year because, I mean, come on, Green Beret man! I still have the costume, neatly folded up in my closet at my parent's home. And it's still cool.

A few observations:

1: These Women. What the hell's up with that? There was a section of the paper entitled, These Women? It sounds dismissive, doesn't it? "I just don't know what to do with these... these... women!"

2: Fireproofing. I never knew how to fireproof clothing. Now I do. Thanks, These Women!

3: The clown costume: I don't know one way or the other, but I'm guessing my brother didn't really enjoy wearing that thing.

4: No horse play!: 'Nuff said.

5: Reflectorized tape: Oh, it's a word, I just love that they used it, and not the duller "reflective tape." Go "reflectorized!"

Finally, while I can't imagine they'd care, I have blacked out the names of my mother, sister and brother since it isn't their fault I decided to put this up.

[click to enlarge]

And as an added bonus, for true Halloween frights, here's the ad that's on the other side of this priceless piece of familial nostalgia. "The Greatest Wig Show on Earth," because, you know, there are just so many. Anyway, hope it doesn't wig you out.

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