Sunday, September 12, 2010

Claude Chabrol: Gone but Never Forgotten

The brilliant film maker Claude Chabrol has died at the age of 80 and, like practically every other cinephile on the internet, my thoughts of whom to turn to for the obituary went straight to Ray Young, host of Flickhead. I don't mean a formal obituary, he may not even write one. I mean that Ray Young probably introduced more cinephiles and movie fans alike to Claude Chabrol than any other person and I can think of no better tribute to the great Chabrol than to direct you to Flickhead's Ten Day's Wonder Blogathon celebrating the works of the French master. Go there and you will discover all you need to know of this great artist. Below, I have also reposted the review I did for that blogathon, The Bridesmaid (follow this link to the original review complete with comments). I recommend the movie, strongly, as well as just about any other Chabrol film you can find.

Claude Chabrol, 1930 - 2010. Rest in peace.