Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Perhaps, one day, we will be friends..."

"Someone remind me why we made this door so big."

Since King Kong's release in 1933, viewers have asked, sometimes mockingly, "If you built a massive wall to keep Kong out, why, in God's name, did you make a door big enough for him to get in?!" It's a logical question. After all, if any one of the villagers needs to get outside to take a stroll or have a picnic it's a simple matter of installing a 7 foot door, or doors, along the wall. Building a conveniently sized 40 foot door seems to defeat the purpose of the wall. But maybe not.

I believe the villagers are extending a welcome to Kong, albeit a guarded one. They are saying, "Now, right now, we are enemies. You are big and powerful and can eat us. Or step on us. Or even throw us around. But one day, far off in the future, perhaps, we will be friends. We will invite you to dinner and for you to accept and actually attend, you'll need to get through the wall. No problem. We already have a door big enough for you to do just that. It's locked right now but one day, we hope, it will be open."

Kong relieves himself outside the wall. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I imagine every time Kong came to get a fresh bride he looked at that door and thought, "I've got to get past my anger for these people. They want me to know I'm welcome but for now, at least, I cannot be, for I hate them."

Kong does eventually come through that door and gets gassed for his troubles.

What might have been.

"Up yours, jerkwads!" Kong gives everyone the finger upon his triumphant entry.