Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cinephile Emerges

It's been over two weeks and it's time to get back down to business. Cinema Styles will be returning to full time posting starting this Monday. I enjoyed a somewhat successful hiatus; the story I was working on is pretty much complete with but a few changes necessary before sending it off to my friend for the screenplay part of it all but the short film I'd hoped to finish seems like an aimless disaster to me at this point. I can't get my mind around it no matter how hard I try and forcing inspiration isn't very... inspiring. Still, I'll keep at it.

In my time away from Cinema Styles I watched many movies but mainly documentaries, on subjects ranging from the Manhattan Project (for the millionth time) to Howard Zinn to Sacco and Vanzetti to revisiting Ken Burns' superb The Civil War. I also re-watched Malcolm X and was more impressed by Denzel Washington's performance this time than I was when I first saw it. Also, it's one of the few biopics that doesn't feel like pure drudgery even if it does follow the standard mold. And it does but it does so with a vigor absent from so many biopics outside of the more recent The Aviator which I also liked much better the second time I saw it.

That's it for now. Next week more posts and more video, including a new The Land Before CGI. Have a good weekend everyone!

pictured above is producer Darryl Zanuck studying a map at a Normandy beach entrenchment for his 1968 television special Revisiting D-Day.