Friday, March 19, 2010

Opening Credits I Love:
The Astro Zombies

This past weekend while everyone was out of the house going about their weekend duties, activities and errands, the youngest and I sat down with the laptop and took in The Astro Zombies on Netflix Instant. She loved it, especially the opening credits (well, actually, especially the astro zombie running around holding a flashlight to his head but after that, the credits). If you're not familiar with Ted V. Mikels, the writer, producer, director of The Astro Zombies, or his work, you can do no better than reading this wonderful piece penned by Kimberly Lindbergs for my Ed Wood Blogathon last July. In the meantime please enjoy this amazing opening credit sequence which blasts onto the screen without warning after the pre-credit zombie killer sequence. And when I say "blasts" I mean it, audio-wise. It's loud so if you're at work you might want to turn the volume down a tad. Enjoy.