Friday, March 26, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Spring break has sprung, or will soon enough. Starting Monday the kids are on Spring Break which means the house will be bustling with nervous energy, especially when the teens wake up around two in the afternoon. But seriously, I'll be offline, blogging-wise, most of next week. I'll still be around for comments on blogs, Facebook and Twitter but no update activity here, most likely, until late next week. Besides, I've got at least four CD reviews for Mondo Cult Magazine due in the next two weeks so I should definitely be working on those anyway. If you've got a Spring Break vacation you're taking I hope it's a nice one. Be back with updates late next week. Thanks.

P.S. Here's an old-school Cinema Styles banner for nostalgia's sake. Made it the other day but didn't use it, committed as I am to keeping the look around here clean, crisp and, outside of pics in postings, black and white. This one marks the 398th banner created for Cinema Styles, just two to go to 400. On the 200th I used 1776 (banner bicentenial), for the 300th, you guessed it, 300. But what film should be used for 400? Hmmmm, if only there were a prominent movie in film history with "400" in the title. Oh well, I guess I'll have to improvise. Maybe a good run to the beach will help me think.

CS Spring Morning LC