Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seven things I know about me

Thanks to Bill Ryan and Kimberly Lindbergs I am the recipient of two award thingys but as Kimberly says at Cinebeats, they're really just excuses to start a meme. So first, a special thanks to Bill and Kimberly and a double thanks to Kimberly for giving me two awards, the unnamed award Bill gave me and the Zombie Chicken Award.

For the first award there's all kinds of rule stuff the first of which is to post all the rule stuff here, which I'll do, via a link to Bill and Kimberly where they have kindly already posted it for me. Thanks guys! Just check them out if you want to know all the rules, which I technically posted because I did provide links. You're also supposed to put up a picture of the award but I'm not going to for a couple of reasons. One, I hate substituting the letter "k" for the letter "c" in advertising or promotion, such as the name of the award which is "The Kreativ Blogger Award" (and no, it's not the German spelling because that spelling has an "e" at the end). Why the "e" was removed I don't know but, two, the main reason I'm not putting up the actual image is because it is an atrocity of design with its checker patterns and circles, ribbons with blues and pinks and a truly horrible script font and... well, to whoever originally created that award logo may I just say, "Job shittily done! Please never design anything again." The only really important rules, the sole reasons for the meme to exist, are to name seven interesting things about yourself and give the award to seven others so let's get started.

1. I am a mammal.
2. My tail is functional but not prehensile.
3. True story: One time I met this guy while I was out walking. He stopped in his car and said, "Excuse me," and then proceeded to ask me for directions. I then gave him sufficient directions to arrive at his destination. Didn't make a word of that up. Really happened that way. Seriously.
4. I do not have large protective armored plates running down my back.
5. I no longer have heat vision.
6. That thing over there in the corner? Yep, that's mine.
7. True story number two: One time I was at the bus stop and this person walking by nodded their head to acknowledge me and I did the same back. Really happened that way.

Okay, maybe some of those aren't true but let's be honest folks; it took me two years to tell anyone my name, so the seven things are just going to have to wait.

And now I must select seven others but at this point it appears everyone has been selected, best I can tell. So to hell with it, I really don't care if most of these end up being double dips into the awards/meme tagging pool, I'm picking 'em anyway.

Larry and Flickhead because I'm assuming, or hoping, that they will take this in roughly the same vein.

Brian Doan because I'm desperately trying to get him to visit Cinema Styles again.

Fox, because that son of a bitch has fallen off the face of the Earth and maybe this will bring him back (don't worry, he said on his own comment thread that everything was fine, he'd just lost the urge to blog, and I'm just here to say, "Get it back!").

Pat Perry, one of Cinema Styles friends.

Pat Piper, one of Cinema Styles friends also named "Pat"

And Sam Juliano, one of Cinema Styles new friends.

And as always, with any meme here, let me make clear that none of you have to do this for fear I'll be offended if you don't because I won't be, truly. For now, Cheers and Happy Meming!