Monday, January 4, 2010

News and Announcements

Toerifc will be returning for January. I think. I haven't contacted Ibetolis yet of Film for the Soul but he's next in line with the legendary Ikiru as his selection. Once confirmed I'll provide an exact date and time, sometime around the week of the 18th most likely. The film is one of Akira Kurosawa's most higly regarded works and that's saying something. It's available pretty much everywhere, including Netflix instant viewing so no one should have a problem getting access to it.

Also, I've spent the last couple of weeks putting together a couple more "Land Before CGI" posts that will be going up soon. Still no narration as I haven't had time, or quiet in the house for recording purposes, to put one together but soon enough.

I continue to update at The Invisible Edge and The Gunslinger and will soon, very soon, be taking Unexplained Cinema in a whole new direction. Rather than my personal photos, which will still post on Flickr, it will be devoted to movie photos and stills that I have manipulated in some way and use for commentary. I explain it all there but the long and short of it is I don't do picture posts here anymore and I'd like Unexplained Cinema to take over those duties as Cinema Styles continues to move towards only essay and video posts with the occasional review thrown in for good measure. So if you're a fan, subscriber or follower of Cinema Styles I would ask that you become one of Unexplained Cinema as well as it will become the sister blog to Cinema Styles.

That's it for now so remember to check out a copy of Ikiru today and join us for the discussion, tentatively scheduled for the week of January 18th. Hope to see you there.