Thursday, December 10, 2009

Opening Credits I Love:
My Man Godfrey

This isn't another edition of The Land Before CGI but it could be. Instead it's another series I've built up video for and would like to share. Favorite opening credits sequences have been discussed on movie blogs for as long as I can remember so this is nothing new but now with software that makes it so easy to grab the credits and post them I figured, "Why not?" I'll start it off with My Man Godfrey.

Like I said, it could be another edition to The Land Before CGI because it employs miniatures for its opening credits and finishes on a photograph of the first frame of the movie proper that it can dissolve into to get the story rolling. It's a great title sequence. Enjoy.


BTW, I plan on doing some reviews of new movies next week including a couple of independent releases so I'll hope you'll check in often.