Friday, December 4, 2009

Nothing means Anything: Random Shorts

When I'm unfocused I often start to put together a video to help concentrate my mind. It can be anything really and often the result is less than 30 seconds long. Sometimes I upload them to YouTube, sometimes I don't. Here are three recent examples of my idle mind.

First up is The Bump and Grind Boogie Woogie. I have tons of old vintage photos as well as tons of old sound effects and royalty free music clips. I took four pics of an anonymous couple from long ago, a thirty second snippet of a generic bebop number and threw them together for a bit of momentary focus. Here's the result:

Next up is We are Legion. My wife and I were taking a walk downtown last week and passed through a neighborhood on our way there. To my delight there were a couple of thousand blackbirds milling about and always having my camera on me, pulled it out and began to shoot just as they flew up and over my head en masse. My immediate thought was, "When I get home I must make this demonic!" And so I wrote and recorded some of my patented freaky music and the results are below:

This last one is probably the hardest to explain. Not what it is, that's easy. It's the "why" that's hard. See, I pulled out some old stock footage I bought about fifteen years ago on an ancient CD and was sifting through it. There was an inordinate amount of footage of hospital scenes so I grabbed some cheesy eighties stock music I had, picked the scenes that fit best, edited them together in cheesy eighties local commercial style and produced a nursing school commercial circa 1986. Why? Not really sure myself except that I wanted to reproduce the look and feel of the types of local commercial seen in the eighties and personally I think I succeeded. What's the point of it all? Got me. Enjoy:

Outside of that I continue to work on bigger film projects including installments of The Land Before CGI and I'm tinkering with the idea of doing trailers for TOERIFC to help promote it more. I have a much bigger short film I want to do but don't have the proper technical facilities to do it so for now I must wait, unfortunately. Also, I'd need about a hundred extras and well, I couldn't pay anyone. But I'll keep plugging away as always. And now back to random short films that mean nothing. It's what I do.