Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Foul Play - The Kubrick Edit

When I think of the New Year I think of The Shining, I mean, as far as movies are concerned. Some people think of The Apartment, others The Godfather, Part II and those of lowly breeding, When Harry Met Sally. And it's not like the New Year is even explicitly mentioned in The Shining but between the revellers, the flowing drinks and the men in bear suits giving blow jobs it sure feels like a New Years celebration. Of course, the famous picture at the end says "Juy 4th" and it would have to be since the story goes to great lengths to tell us the Overlook is closed in the winter so clearly it can't be New Years or we have no caretaker shut in with his family with which to propel the plot.

But still, it feels like New Years, and so, that's the movie I think of when December 31st rolls around. And when I think of The Shining, as I did recently, I think of Foul Play with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. Huh? What? Yes, while we cinephiles busy ourselves connecting the dots between the Fords and the Hitchcocks and the Godards the dots between Colin Higgins, writer and director of Foul Play, and Stanley Kubrick go completely unnoticed.

Behold, and Happy New Year:

Go to the actual HD YouTube page for a much bigger, and better, picture.