Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've got a lot of reading to do

Joanne Woodward reading to two children at speech therapy center in 1958.


I've been gone for a while and my desire to return has been reluctant at best. Sometimes one needs a vacation from even a cherished pastime lest it grow into a dreaded obligation. I noticed a couple of my favorite blogs had anniversaries while I was out (Arbogast on Film and The Kind of Face You Hate) and though I commented on them I wish I could have engaged a bit more. And it wasn't just my own blogging that ceased, I wasn't even online except to watch movies for much of the past week so I have little idea what anyone has been doing. Facebook? I went on briefly to respond to a tag and that was it. Frankly, I'd like to take another month or so offline but I cherish the community of which I have become a part and don't wish to find myself on the outside looking in. In short, I'd miss the conversation too much. So I return but with little to say at the moment. Oh I have reviews to write, new movies to see, trailers for October to put up and under appreciated actors to highlight but all of that needs to find structure first in the dusty recesses of my idle mind. I even have a piece on a topic I've never really broached here at Cinema Styles that I hope will provide for an engaging conversation, even if I do believe most everyone will disagree with me. But that's for a later date. For now, hello again. It's good to back.