Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank You Mr Wood

... and so He did. If you're an Ed Wood fan the above photo and caption not only make sense to you but you probably used that whiny female voice from the movie when you read it in your head. And of course, I don't have to tell you which movie. If you're not an Ed Wood fan, well, I hope after this blogathon you've been persuaded to at least give a couple of his films a look.

I've been blogging for a while and never held a blogathon until now for a couple of reasons. One, I could never think of a topic, and two, I feared no one would show up. The 50th anniversary of the release of Plan 9 from Outer Space (released in July of 1959) gave me the topic that had so long eluded me and my friends and fellow bloggers proved to me I had nothing to fear. With over 50 submissions (fitting given the anniversary) I think I can declare this blogathon a screaming success and I owe it all to Ed Wood. He's the one that actually brought everyone together and did so for a reason that makes me proud. I've heard time and again how we bloggers employ scorched Earth policies on a regular basis and don't enjoy writing about film so much as tearing it down. Of course, I know and you know and any sensible person knows that's not the case. Just look at the outpouring of love whenever a member of the film community falls ill or passes away. And 99 percent of blog content is about movies the blogger loves, not hates. And so it is with Wood.

Ed Wood has been called the worst director of all time but you wouldn't know it from this blogathon. I don't think one of the 50 plus submissions bought into that notion. Most of us are in agreement that Ed was not a very good writer and was certainly sloppy and rushed as a director but he was inspired and sincere and to a lot of people that counts for something. I know it does to me.

From the personal stories and remembrances to reviews of almost all of Wood's movies as well as movies by filmmakers other than Wood, I want to thank everyone who participated from the bottom of my heart. I have had a busy weekend and it continues with a birthday for the youngest son today and the return of the oldest daughter from work on a water filtration project in El Salvador tonight. I may not have time to read and comment on every entry today (although I will certainly try) but know that I appreciate it sincerely.

And now I'd like to take a break for a day or two, well until Tuesday morning at least, and relax. Running a blogathon was quite frankly more work than I thought it would be but I enjoyed every second of it. Monday I think I'll finally set up a Facebook account so prepare to be hit with friend requests from me (and behold my handsome visage). Until yesterday, as I told Bill in an e-mail, he and I were the only two bloggers left on Earth who weren't on Facebook, then the bastard e-mailed me that he had just joined. Son of a bitch beat me to it. Oh well, I'll see Bill and all of you there on Monday.

In the meantime, please - PLEASE - read each and every post in the blogathon if you haven't already. It's one hell of a list of entries and I plan on keeping a permanent link to it in the sidebar, as a sort of repository of all things Wood so that future generations may come here to study the legacy of Edward D Wood, Jr. and stare in gaping awe.

And once more, THANK YOU, each and every one of you who participated either with a post, a suggestion or engagement in the comment section. Thanks to all of you for making it all worthwhile. And thanks in advance to anyone posting today as well.

And now I'm off, like Eros and Tanna surfing the skies in a blazing saucer headed into the unknown of the future, where each of us will spend the rest of our lives. Thanks again everyone!