Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out of Sync with Peet

As most in the film blogging community know, Peet Gelderblom has a short film soon to be released entitled Out of Sync. But not everyone's a film blogger so I like to join up with several other bloggers in announcing this filmic achievement and showing my readers the way to Peet's place. Simply go here to read all about and join up on Facebook and friend Peet to get even more in the ways of info and stills.

Although Peet describes the process in his post I am still a little mystified and thus even more anxious to see it. He describes it thusly:

Out of Sync (Dutch title: Los) will be a short film with a gimmick. Only it’s not exactly a gimmick. It will be the first movie filmed in Anamorphic AuDiVision. For comparison, think split screen, but instead of two or more juxtaposed visual sequences it’s the sound that will be separated from the image, leaving it up to the audience to connect the dots between what you see and hear. For those of you who smell “style-over-substance,” I can only stress that this was the very best way to express what I chose to tell.

Go to his site to learn more and join Facebook now if you haven't already and send Peet a friend request. And don't miss the beautifully done self-deprecating trailer: