Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dancing with the Stars, Vintage Style

Regular readers of these pages are probably aware of my predilection for old, archival photos and vintage artwork. There's not much technicolor on these pages and that's the way I like it. And right now, for whatever reason, I'd love to be here, at the Moving Picture Ball.

I'd ask you to name all the stars (you can click to enlarge the artwork) but I don't have a legend and they are drawn so badly I cannot even be sure of two or three of them. The rest I am fairly sure of as you most likely are too. I'd also like to ask you to join me at a Moving Picture Ball today but the stars involved would not be the ones I would want lighting the firmament so I'll just have to settle for dreams of time long since past.


Rick Olson said...

The one in the dress is Chaplin, isn't it?

And no wonder Johnson went into the Hotel biz.

Greg said...

No, no, Chaplin's the one that looks like Lillian Gish. The one that looks like Chaplin is Fatty Arbuckle. And HoJo's provided the catering.

Christopher said...

I suppose thats Lon Chaney way back there with the cap on..It ain't a party without the Man of A Thousand Faces..
lol=MOVING PICTURES!..indeed!..TAWLking Pict'chures!..Tolkien Picture?
I guess thats Clara Bow with the clown hat on?..only cuz I've seen a foto of her like that..

Greg said...

I think the one next to Lillian Gish looks more like Clara Bow but then they are drawn pretty badly.

I'm going to start using the term "picture show" again. It's just sounds good.

dorsey said...

i agree with greg. hi friends i am huge fan of reality tv shows . dancing with star is good reality tv show.Dancing with the Stars is world’s greatest stage for budding professional dancers to rub shoulders with most famed celebrities. There are numerable foreign versions of this TV show, which makes it a global property as well. I cannot figure out any other dance-based show, which has touched the popularity and acceptance levels as Dancing with the Stars has done.

Christopher said...

thats what my parents called movies in their day..Picture show!...."gonna go down 'ere to th' Pit'cher show.."