Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unseen Cinema: Sueños de Gloria

I wonder what this movie is about. It was released in 1953 under the title Sueños de Gloria (Dreams of Glory). Its IMDB entry is all but empty, a bare bones entry if ever there was one. It stars Miroslava Stern, who simply went by Miroslava for most of her roles, and Luis Aguilar. Judging from the poster I'd say this movie is about a swimmer and a race car driver, both ambitious and in love. I'm assuming to make it even more dramatic one of them must sacrifice his/her dreams to follow/pursue the dreams of the other. But that's all guesswork. And then there's this: Click on the poster to enlarge it. On the hood of the car you will see the face of Donald Duck. Yes, Donald Duck. I don't know how he figures into the story and given that there is no information on this movie to be found (don't bother Googling, you'll just get a bunch of song links, the IMDB page and the poster I've put up here) I guess I'll never know. Still, if anyone has any knowledge of the story I'd like to hear it.

Miroslava is known to most people for her work with Luis Buñuel in the film Ensayo de un Crimen, released in 1955, although I've never seen it (but the poster is terrific). Sadly, she committed suicide at 29 just after the movie finished shooting, a movie which could have catapulted her into bigger international roles. There's not much more I know about Miroslava outside of that and her Wikipedia entry is fairly scant. I guess I just wanted to mention her in case anyone did know anything about her or her films. Netflix has two of her movies available: La Muerte Enamorada (1951) which sounds like a charming comedy from it's synopsis and a Joel McCrea film directed by Jacques Tourneur in 1955, Stranger on Horseback. I've added both to my queue as my curiosity is piqued. Maybe I'll love them or maybe I won't but isn't seeking out the hard to find, uncovering the unseen and watching movies outside our comfort zone of knowledge what blogging and cinephilia are all about? I think so. I'm glad I stumbled upon that poster for Sueños de Gloria today. If nothing else, I look forward to learning a little something about an actress of which I previously knew nothing, and sharing it with you. And if you already know all about her, please, share it with me. Thanks.