Monday, June 8, 2009

And So Name That Movie Ends

The clip is below if you'd like to view it. It's the final clip for Name That Movie as Bill R. of The Kind of Face You Hate took home the prize. Congratulations to Bill R.

I've always liked the idea of online games and building up credit or free shipping for DVDs at Amazon allowed me to have a prize to give away but I was always a bit disappointed at the limited number of participants. That said, Name That Movie is officially over. The first ever DVD Giveaway I did here at Cinema Styles took place at one time with everyone competing at once. Bill won that one too but Kimberly, Marilyn and Adam all came within minutes of beating Bill to the punch. If I do another game in the future, it will be more like that one. For now though, Bill has won which means I'll soon be ordering him another Rob Schneider movie and shipping it out. Thanks to everyone who played regularly (Bill, Marilyn, Arbogast, Flickhead, Ed, Fox and Rick mainly) and thanks to everyone else who popped in on occasion and took a guess.