Thursday, June 4, 2009

Making Movies

The above public domain photo is of a movie being shot by Vitagraph in 1917. No information accompanies the photo as to who anyone is or what the movie is that they're making. Kind of like my upcoming teaser trailers for October, starting here tomorrow. Allow me to explain.

Anyone familiar with me knows I like the multimedia aspect of blogging and enjoy putting together short films, usually in the form of montages but sometimes not. I've enjoyed putting together the teasers much more than a montage so far because the creative side is more demanding than on a montage.

Each teaser consists of one clip and all the clips you will see come from a classic movie with nothing later than the seventies. But even if you've seen the movie the clip is from you might not recognize it. That's because I have used only a portion of the frame or enhanced the lighting in a dramatic way or added a completely new visual element altogether. And all the music you will hear, different for each teaser, was written and recorded by me. Except for a couple of montages in October, all future short films here will be scored by yours truly. And all of this is to say none of this is very important, I just like putting together short movies and if I can make them promotional trailers, well then, why the hell not? I hope you enjoy them.