Friday, June 26, 2009

Jack and Jackie

Jack Webb and Jackie Loughery tie the knot on June 24th, 1958. Jackie is primarily known in beauty pageant circles (the kind Bill and Fox follow breathlessly) as the first Miss USA winner ever in 1952. Also, according to one of the most exemplary Wikipedia biographies I have ever read, she is also a woman. Really, treat yourself. Jack is primarily known for Dragnet of course.

In the photo above they appear to be celebrating their marriage but in reality they are celebrating Cinema Styles 300th banner, and who wouldn't? They're also celebrating Flickhead's Claude Chabrol Blogathon, the upcoming Ed Wood blogathon (no word yet on when the Ed Howard blogathon will take place) and I am assuming, the history of icing. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!*


*For goodness sake though, eat your pudding responsibly. Also, don't forget to eat your meat. You remember what happens if you don't eat your meat, right?