Friday, June 12, 2009

Do You Need Someone to Love?

Well then you've come to the right place, or at least sort of. The right place is Flickhead's on Wednesday, June 17th to discuss Henry Jaglom's Someone to Love which gives new meaning to the phrase... - oh wait, I have to wait until Wednesday myself. Yes, I watched it a couple of weeks ago and have watched several parts over since and can say with confidence that once again the TOERIFC membership knows - and I mean KNOWS - how to pick a film that will spark discussion. I look forward to seeing you there. As always, all we ask is that you watch the film before showing up, or know it well enough already to take part.

And now, since Marilyn has given me hell over how obscure some of my guessing games are there's this one: Okay Marilyn, or anybody, Name That Actress! And she's about as un-obscure as you can get! The winner gets to talk about how cool I am all weekend long. Man, the prizes around here just keep getting better and better!

Okay, that one is insanely easy (see, this is why I go for obscure) so here is another completely unobscure actor to guess. Name That Actor! And don't forget to watch Someone to Love. Have a ... TOERIFC weekend! Ha ha ha... oh, sorry.