Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Name That Actress

You wouldn't know I'm back but I am. You wouldn't know because I haven't been online more than a few minutes this morning because work came crashing down on me from all sides this morning after they cleaned up my floor, which was flooded. And work still beckons but that doesn't mean I can't put up a pic or two and fill everyone in on a couple of announcements.

One, The Spirit of Ed Wood Blogathon banners are up on the sidebar. Click on them for the full-size to download and put on your own sidebar with a link back to here. You know you want to.

Two, the first three teaser trailers for October here at Cinema Styles are completed. Others will follow. Last year I did one trailer which went up in late August. This year it will be six teasers (two in June, two in July, two in August) and a final full trailer in September. Just like Christmas, October Killfest seems to come earlier and earlier each year.

Those are the announcements, here are the pictures. Two of them. Of the same actress. At the start of her career. Arbo, who is she?