Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend is Here

Two pics of Jerry Colonna, Janice Paige and Bob Hope as they head off for their 1960 USO Christmas Tour, entertaining military personnel stationed around the world.

I'm taking the weekend off as there are many things to be done and should be done besides blogging. As such, Monday will mark the second Monday in a row with no Name That Movie. Sorry, it will return the following Monday.

In other news, Death Ray Daughters, Episode Four is up today but be sure and read Episodes One, Two and Three first if you haven't already.

Also, Peter Nellhaus provides a helpful link for the Spirit of Ed Wood Blogathon in July here on Cinema Styles. The documentary The Haunted World of Ed Wood is up on YouTube in a high quality video presentation here so you can watch and learn and not feel too dirty for having watched it on YouTube. It's comparable to the quality of Netflix instant viewing.

And that's it. I'll be around the blogs all day today as usual but then I'm off for the weekend. Everyone have a safe one.