Friday, May 8, 2009

Isn't Billie Burke Wonderful?

The caption of this public domain photo I picked up recently says "Actress Billie Burke receiving her 1st social security check from John H. Johnson, district manager of the Santa Monica social security office." Yes, she agreed to do a photo op with the district manager of the Santa Monica Social Security Office. What a lady! And she even went out of her way to feign excitement over what was probably a check for $12.85.

I also love that our hero, Mr. Johnson , has pictures on the wall behind him of every star he's ever given a Social Security Check to. They probably circle the office. And how about that "I couldn't produce a more awkward smile if I tried" look he's got on his face?

But most importantly, Billie Burke was wonderful and a personal favorite. This picture only makes me love her more.