Friday, May 29, 2009

A bit under the weather...

... but while I have the strength to write I shall provide a quick update. I have been, as Mr. Wint might say, "bitten by the bug." And so I have been out of the loop these past two days. Sorry for no updates today on my serial blog Death Ray Daughters but I have not had the strength to get through the editing process of the fifth installment (for the three of you that have ever read it in the first place).

I finished up banners for June's TOERIFC pick Someone to Love, chosen by Flickhead, who will of course, and as always, ignore my banners and use his own (shakes fist in air and shouts, "Flickhead!!!").

But most importantly, for me that is, I have discovered the title of my "time is money" movie written about in Wednesday's post and I have one person, and one person only, to thank for it. Let's hear a big round of applause for Kimberly Lindbergs who forever after will be referred to here as Kick-Ass Kimberly, for providing a link to a site in her comment on that very post which I then used to discover the answer. The link she provided was What's That Book which I used to ask about both of my mystery movies. Still no answer on the Civil War one yet but within about six hours of posting on the "time is money" one I had my answer from the admin of the site: The Price of Life, made in 1987 and shown on both Showtime and American Playhouse, which is where I saw it. It's not available and the user comments on the Showtime link don't really provide an answer as to how it ends but I'm happy for now just knowing I didn't imagine it. Thanks again Kimberly.

And now it's back to resting with my laptop by my side so I can check in between winks. Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget: Monday marks the return of Name That Movie. Don't miss it!