Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alternate Reality: Blogging in the Seventies

10 >> Hi everyone, no time for a full post today as I have a
20 >> hot tub party to get to and I can't be late again.
30 >> Just wanted to throw some links out there for all
40 >> of you who couldn't access the comp lab last week.
50 >> First off, Rick at Junction817332alt/loc.glc/systems has
60 >> a great post up on George Segal where he wonders if
70 >> any other actor will ever be as big a star. The title
80 >> of his post is "Golden Boy."
90 >> Next up Marilyn at glob/sys/344/msmovie has a great
100>> write up of last year's SILVER STREAK. She swoons
110>> over Gene Wilder and says, "Jill (Clayburgh), you are
120>> one lucky lady!"
130>> Jim Emerson uses a projector and film reel at the AV
140>> center on the north side of campus to explain why
150>> LOGAN'S RUN is a bad film based on a three second
160>> clip he has obtained and dissected frame by frame.
170>> That anonymous merry prankster Arbogast has
180>> another post up about Dolly Parton and Uschi Digard
190>> and wonders who would win in a "Boob-Off" contest.
200>> Dennis Cozzalio is going to be an extra in a college
210>> based comedy next year called, get this, ANIMAL
220>> HOUSE. Could that title be worse? Take a picture
230>> Dennis because this one's going to come and go if
240>> you know what I mean.
250>> And of course there's me. Don't forget to check out
260>> my seventeenth post on STAR WARS, the most awe-
270>> inspiring masterwork the cinema has yet produced.
280>> I uploaded it to the main-frame at the computer lab
290>> yesterday. In it I discuss how Luke Skywalker
300>> played by Mark Hamill (God what a performance!)
310>> could be taken as a stand-in for Bob Woodward and
320>> Carl Bernstein and Darth Vader as Nixon. You
330>> probably don't see how that could possibly work
340>> but it does! Really! Anyway, I've got to go.