Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Serpent's Egg is TOERIFC's April Selection

Just a reminder that you've still got almost two full weeks to rent or buy The Serpent's Egg and watch it. Then head over to The Kind of Face You Hate on April 20th, where Bill R. will handle the duties of writing up the film in question, and join in the discussion.

I put up a sidebar banner yesterday but haven't seen it on any other TOERIFC members blogs so it probably hasn't been noticed yet. So, simply follow this link to choose from one of two sidebar banners for the movie. I also couldn't help but notice for the last couple of selections that the sidebar banners are too small on some sidebars. This occurs because of Blogger's buggy "shrink to fit" option when posting a picture in the sidebar. It shrinks it too much. So, if you have a 150 pixel wide sidebar (Bill, that's what you have) choose the 150 pixel wide banner and when you upload it, unselect the "shrink to fit" option. Then simply provide a link to the main TOERIFC address where the time and place of discussion is listed. On the date of discussion you can change that to the actual permalink of Bill's post on the film. Thanks, and see you there.