Friday, March 27, 2009

Two things stick out for me in this photo

*****UPDATE BELOW*****

One thing I've learned scouring the historical photo archives on the internet is just how many people are famous at any given moment only to be forgotten just a few years later. This is Sabrina and when I happened across the caption concerning "the television rage in England in 1958" I had to see who they were talking about. Up came this photo.

The next thing I did was go to Wikipedia to look up this mysterious Sabrina, born Norma Ann Sykes on May 19, 1933. It took only reading to the second sentence to discover that her "main claim to fame" involved her "prodigious breasts." I was, shall we say, unsurprised. And apparently, and I refer to the photo caption, she did a tv show as well although Wikipedia doesn't mention it. Later she was involved with Steve Cochran, which is kind of fitting I guess because he was famous in many circles for his, uh, prodigious penis. That's mentioned in Wikipedia too, although they use the term "well endowed." They must have made quite a pair. Or should I say trio?

Sabrina is still alive and well and living in Hollywood, no longer required to wear ridiculous torpedo bras that make it look as if she is concealing two Renaissance conical hats under her blouse. She has fan sites dedicated to her, including this one, The Sabrina Site, as well as that site's offshoot, a society devoted to preserving her heritage called Best Of Our Beautiful Sabrina. Yes, yes, take a look at the letters and figure out the acronym for yourself.

Her last movie was The Phantom Gunslinger with Troy Donahue in 1970 and though a very quick and admittedly lazy search produced no results, I could swear someone whose blog I follow reviewed that movie at some point. I'd love to hear more about it if that's true. Never seen it so if you have please chime in with some thoughts on it. And wish Sabrina a Happy Birthday this May 19th. She will be 76.

*****UPDATE***** Since Satan in High Heels was mentioned not once but twice in the comments I figured I'd upload a clip so we could enjoy the acting stylings of Sabrina. From the Sabrina website mentioned above, here's the clip. Enjoy.