Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spread of Activation VI: The Harpers Index Edition*

1 - Number of Werner Herzog documentaries I've seen. Grizzly Man for the curious. I was struck by how much like a mockumentary it felt. Timothy Treadwell, the tragic figure at its center, seems like a Christopher Guest creation, which oddly, made the whole thing more troubling for me.

2 - Number of times I've seen Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

5 - Number of times I saw Star Wars in the theatre. I now find myself in the same place as so many others of my generation: Uninspired and unimpressed with the trilogy, and wondering why I ever was in the first place.

2 - Number of times I saw Empire Strikes Back in theatre.

1 - Return of the Jedi.

3 - Return of the King, third in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The youngest son absolutely loved it and had to keep seeing it. I liked it, but by the third time, I wanted to die, and I couldn't tell him that.

24 - Age I was when I first saw The Man Who Would Be King, on television as it turns out. I loved it and it became one of the first movies I ever bought on DVD.

107 - Number of DVDs I own of movies from the thirties and forties. Would like to make it around 10700.

*** - Number of DVDs from the nineties on that I own that I'm too embarrassed to publish. For the first ten years or so of the existence of DVDs I simply bought any new movie to watch it, whether good or bad. Many are being donated now to the local library.

1 - Number of posts, reviews or write-ups I've done of movies made in the nineties. It was the atomic bomb documentary Trinity and Beyond (1997).

1 - Number of comments that review got, on the old Haloscan commenting system. It was from Sheila. I responded to make it two.

235 - Most comments I've ever gotten on a post. It was The Tin Drum post and thus expected to be big with everyone watching it and discussing it as part of the TOERIFC February selection.

308 - Current number of comments on the Siren's latest post, done over a week ago, and last responded to by the Siren days ago and yet the comments keep coming in. And it wasn't a part of any film club discussion. Just so we all know where we stand.

478 - Estimated number of times Fox has made me slap my forehead or roll my eyes with a comment he has posted.

17 - Estimated number of times Bill has said in the comments that he was going to punch Fox in the mouth.

587 - Estimated number of times that Bill or I have feared we offended Marilyn. Also estimated number of times Bill or I have assumed we are no longer liked by the blogging community.

2 - Number of movie blogs my wife reads. Me and Arbo. Sorry guys, it's nothing against any of the rest of you, it's just her thing. What can I say.

??? - Number of movie blogs I read. I've lost track.

112 - Estimated number of times Kimberly or Peter has written up a movie I am completely unfamiliar with, even by reputation. I am continually impressed.

237 - Estimated number of movies Ed Howard reviews a week. His blog should get a speeding ticket.

1 - Number of blogs I know of with Coosa in the title.

1 - Number of blogs I know of with Infield Fly Rule in the title.

1 - Number of gratuitous plugs for The Invisible Edge in this post. And it's this one.

*No actual movie stats, just personal ones.