Monday, February 23, 2009

Name That Movie Round 2, Clip 4

Here's the fourth clip for Name That Movie. I almost changed it due to something that came to my attention yesterday but decided to keep it. I'll explain that later. For now, here's the clip. Flickhead got the last two in a row. Can he threepeat? We shall see.


Flickhead has three-peated! Now to explain my previous line about possibly changing it. I upload these a couple of weeks in advance so I'm not coming up with a clip at the last minute. Well, last night I realized the 8 pm movie on TCM was... Stage Door! I didn't change it only because the Oscars were on last night at the same time so I figured most people wouldn't be watching. Anyway, Congrats again Flickhead. And Marilyn and Bill, thanks for playing. Now, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, there will be a bonus round today at 1:00 pm EST. I believe it will be quickly guessed and I don't care, I'm putting it up anyway. Bill - That's your cue! Show up right at two.