Monday, February 9, 2009

Name That Movie Round 2, Clip 3

Here's the 3rd clip for the second Name That Movie game currently going on here at Cinema Styles. Bob got the first, Flickhead got the second but who will get the third? This clip is presented a little differently. It has sound as it opens, then goes mute, then sound again then mute again. Why? Because they wouldn't stop saying the character's name that's why. They must say it five times in just four seconds and so I muted it. He's not even a big character in the movie, but out of curiosity, since they say his name so much, I googled it and lo and behold, the movie title populated 8 of the first 10 hits. I googled many different variations of Embassy Club too, just to be on the safe side, and that damn name has been used in so many movies of the period you have a better chance of randomly picking a title from the IMDB database and getting the right one than finding it through that search. So here it is, odd muting and all.