Friday, February 6, 2009

Another One of Those Days

*****UPDATE***** Is there really no one out there who knows the two actresses on either side of the seated center actress? Come on, look at their faces! The one on the right (our right) is hugely famous for god sakes. The one on the left not so much but still, anyone who knows early to mid thirties fantasy and horror should know her.

Work has once again conspired to keep me from any serious update here or at that other place where it has unofficially become One Post Only Week. But like the banner says, I won't leave you hanging. I can't check in much today but here's a pic of some actresses just because... well, just because I have to put something up don't I? The two actresses flanking the center actress are a piece of cake to figure out but the other four more challenging. Unless of course you know the source of the photo which can be easily found on Google simply by typing in the name of the easy to guess actress left of center. If you want to go that way I can't stop you but if you want to try and test your facial recognition skills please do. I should tell you, except for a random guess on the back one I couldn't get any of the others.

And if anyone wants to name today's banner movie, you could test your skills there too (I'm sure Marilyn knows it, but sorry, no points for Name That Movie on this one. Too easy.).