Saturday, February 21, 2009

And Voilà!

Just like that the template has changed. Call it my minimalist period if you will but I feel the need to unclutter. If this template survives into October (and I wouldn't take that bet if I were you) I can use the animated film strip on the right to send scary screengrabs running up and down the page. For now though, I must present a clean and organized appearance to keep myself coming back. And don't worry if I had a banner of yours up in the sidebar advertising something on your blog, it will return soon. I have to decide how and what to display on the sidebar and will tinker with that over the next week or so.

For now, consider this a coming out party for the new bare-bones back to basics template. With that in mind I present you with another as promised archival photo, this one with Fred Astaire and Anthony Quinn escorting their debutante daughters for their coming out party. The date was December 23rd, 1959. The event was the Las Madrinas Ball held at the Beverly Hilton. Nothing so elaborate for me and my template. Also, my daughters will not require nor expect such antiquated formalities. And finally, the cat's been fixed. So I guess I have to accept there's just not going to be any cotillions in my future. Damn.