Saturday, January 24, 2009

Relive the Glory Days

Remember that time Pierre got Strike? Or how about when Krauthammer guessed Bulldog Drummond Escapes? Remember when Marilyn struck twice in a row with Passport to Pimlico and then Three Days of the Condor? Or how about when Arbo won again. And again. And again.

Friends, you don't have to rely on shaky memory accounts anymore! Announcing the new running tally of all the clips used for Name That Movie so that we may all relive the stupendous, fabulous and yes, magnificent glory days of the prize-winning guessing game that's sweeping the nation. Did you know that for the first game the decade represented the most was the thirties? Here's how it rolled:

1920's - 1

1930's - 5

1940's - 3

1950's - 1

1960's - 3

1970's - 3

1980's - 2

1990's - 1

So if you want to see who guessed what and which movies were chosen head on over to the home of the clips here. Or if you just want to see Arbogast's name typed in repeatedly, it's good for that too. In fact, it only took nineteen clips to get through the entire first round. I'm looking for the second round to last a bit longer which means I need to mix it up a bit more but still keep it reasonable.