Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Bonus Round Time

The first one today went fast. Let's see how fast the second one goes. Arbo's still at nine as Peter Nellhaus swooped in to get the first one today, Fury, directed by Fritz Lang. Can Nellhaus repeat? Will Arbo win it all? Let's see. Good luck.


The director of this film directed another film in the forties that has the same title as a Steely Dan song as well as the title of a 90's album by an internationally famous and legendary singer/songwriter. That singer/songwriter is Bob Dylan. His nineties album has the same title as the Steely Dan song from the eighties, which is the same title as another movie directed by this director.


The lead actress in the movie only has one line in the whole movie. Just one. At the end.

In 1947, the actress in this clip was in Out of the Past. The lead actor in the movie featured today did a movie in 1947 called Out of the Blue.