Saturday, December 20, 2008

Name That Movie 14

Here is this week's edition of Name That Movie. Arbo is moving in on victory quickly. Can he seal the deal this week? Will Brian Doan be victorious again and move up the ladder? Will Bill ever get one of these? So many questions, so little time. The clip is in the sidebar. Good luck everyone.


Make sure you really look at the clip. Look behind the horses for clues as to when the film was made and when it takes place. And look at the scenery. That gives an idea of where.

*****UPDATE 2*****

It's a war/thriller/espionage movie.


Congratulations to Adam Ross (that kid's got panache) for guessing correctly. The answer is 49th Parallel, directed by the great Michael Powell. The Bonus Round won't go up until tomorrow as I have an update to run for the Film Club and will be offline most of the rest of the day/night. Thanks.