Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Calling All Bloggers!

In the last two days Rick, Marilyn, Fox, Miranda and little old me, Ed Herlihy... uh... I mean, Jonathan, have been discussing forming an elitist, nose in the air film society whereupon we spend all of our free time deriding others' film taste and congratulating each others' pithy statements with phrases like "Hear, hear!", "Jolly Good!" and "That's the spirit old sport!"

Okay, actually it's nothing like that. It went down like this. Marilyn and Rick were a part of a film forum whose purpose was to have a member pick a movie, write it up and then everyone would discuss it. All of this was done on a separately created blog. After the first post by Girish I was informed by Marilyn and Rick that not much happened. I chimed in by saying that, essentially, if you want discussion then forget the separate blog thing. Let's all of us do it on our own blogs. That is to say, Marilyn picks a movie for the month, we all watch it (even if we've seen it before, just so it's fresh in our heads) and then the host writes it up at their own blog and since we all visit each others blogs anyway there's no added pressure to be a part of some separate forum. My almost unnaturally brilliant and ingenious idea was met with happy acceptance. So...

Each month we rotate the blogs. Marilyn starts it off, I'll take second, Rick takes third and so on. The details of all of that can be worked out later. For now there are a few things to clear up.

One - What should we call it? Marilyn mentioned she'd like to start off with Guys and Dolls and mentioned the line from it, " “The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York.” That's too long to put on a sidebar widget but I like it. Maybe just "The Crap Game." And it's got the word "crap" in it. You gotta love that. I'd like suggestions on a name for this discussion group but for myself I do favor something that isn't film related like "Film of the Month Club" or "Reel Talk" or something obvious like that.

Two - Anyone can be a part of it. We all put up an announcement in our sidebar (and I'd be happy to design a simple widget for it) as to the title of the next movie and the date and place its write-up will be posted. Then, join in. Now I've noticed that lately Rick's place has the same "comment frenzy" atmosphere as this blog and while I'm sure both Rick and I appreciate a good stream of consciousness comment section (I know I do - Really, I do. I find the comments here extremely entertaining and I don't want that to ever stop) for the movie of the month write-ups I'd like everyone to actually discuss the film at hand. That was the point of the forum Marilyn and Rick belonged to: To really get at the meat of the film and dissect it.

Three - That's up to you. Please comment away on this post as to any other ideas you have or suggestions you'd like to make for this but keep in mind, the simpler we keep it the better. Each month a blogger picks a movie, we all see it, they write it up at their place and we go discuss it. Let Marilyn, Rick and I know what you think. We've already got a few people (the five of us stated above and a couple of others I think) who want to do it. Let us know if you'd like to join in too. I know that anyone on my blogroll is more than welcome to be a part of it. Thanks.


The name of the club is the The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club, a combination of a line from Guys and Dolls, suggested by Marilyn and wholeheartedly endorsed by Wendymoon and myself and "The Really, Really Big and Important Club" jokingly suggested by Rick.

The order so far is:

Marilyn - January

Jonathan - February

Rick - March

Bill - April

Pat - May

Patrick McGoohan Flickhead - June

Ed - July

Fox - August

Miranda - September

Tom - October

Krauthammer - November

Ibetolis - December

Joseph Campanella - January

Others who have commented saying they want to participate but haven't said for sure if they want to pick a movie: Wendymoon, Joseph and Adam. If any of you want to pick a movie and write it up I say the next four spots are yours since you did comment that you'd like to participate. If you just want to watch the movies selected and join in the discussion, that's fine too. Let me know.

*****2ND UPDATE*****

Also, I just want to let everyone know that if you have a date to do a post and don't want to, just let Marilyn, Rick or me know a little bit ahead of time and we can either take the date ourselves, see if anyone who hasn't done one wants to do a movie or if someone who has wants to do a second movie. Thanks.

*****3RD UPDATE*****

By Sunday I should have the widget and centralized post done for the Film Club. Once it's done I'll let everyone know.