Saturday, November 8, 2008

The New Name That Movie is Up!

Okay, the new clip is up in the sidebar. My wife got this one in under five seconds. Of course, this is her favorite period of films to watch so that was no surprise. Still, to a classic film lover I think this one's pretty easy. Even if you haven't seen it you might be able to put it together from the images shown. Remember, first one to answer correctly in the comment section here gets a point. And the first one to 10 points wins. Yes, it used to be 25 but that could take forever. I mean, that's 25 weeks and unless the same person wins every single week we could be looking at a year or more before there's a winner. So now it's 10 points. Good luck everyone.


Double-click on it to go directly to YouTube and view a larger version of it.