Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Head in one direction, Heart in the other

So this week has been a bear, as they say. I've been working hard to finish stuff up at my place of gainful employment before hitting the road for business. Ugh. So later today I will be in transit and then for the next three days I will be, let's be honest here, BORED OUT OF MY MIND! And not just bored, but occupied all day, every day, so I won't have a chance to check in to the blog until nightfall, at which point everyone is home from work and the commenting fun is over. Ugh again. But I'll provide some updates on my laptop nonetheless and hope to find happy go lucky comments to read when I return from the Land that Excitement Forgot each night.

And all of this is another reason I have put off writing many of the pieces I want to so far this month because of the limits of time. I have several things I want to report on, including two magnificent experiences at the A.F.I in October as well as some truly rare and unique book finds I have come into recently. One of them is a collection of pics and bios... from 1934! There are "stars" in there completely unknown to me but what a fascinating glimpse into who was considered a keeper then and who wasn't. So for today I bid you adieu. I'll check in later tonight from my undisclosed location. Happy commenting.

P.S. Someone keep an eye on Fox in my absence. Thanks.


Pictured above is No More Ladies from 1935 with Joan Crawford (yes, I have a tons of Crawford scans), Robert Montgomery and Franchot Tone. Currently, as expected, unavailable on DVD.