Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is Upon Us

UPDATE: Okay, I don't think anyone will get this without hints because aside from Norma Shearer in the middle, the other two were never stars and the picture doesn't enlarge enough to really see their faces well. However, I want someone to get a point for this so here are some hints.

Although they were never stars they did have some big movies. The brunette with the stole had one really big movie. One of the all-time greats. Early thirties, comedy. Think greasepaint and cigar. The blonde had some big movies too, two specifically. For the first one think Bela without the cape in a supporting role and a great ham of an English actor in the lead. For the second, read the last word of this post.


And to start the Holiday Season off right I make you offer. This is an opening, a grand opening, that happened almost exactly eighty years ago. It took place on December 8th, 1928. Present were three top actresses of the day. One of them was a star, a huge star, and she's front and center ready to cut the ribbon. I'd be surprised if my readers don't know her or recognize her face immediately. The other two were big in their day but whose stars have since faded. The first is on the left, dressed in black, right next to the big star. The second is on the right, the brunette with the white fur stole. Name all three and get a point in the Name That Movie game currently going on here at Cinema Styles. And if you don't know them by face... well, I've given you the date and you should know the center star, so start googling. Somebody ought to come up with the answer eventually.

P.S. - First, I really love old pictures like this. They transport me back in time. Second, isn't it a bit odd that before the ribbon is cut there's a woman already inside the building, visible over the left shoulder of our star? Freaky.