Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Terrifying Trio of Black and White Classics

First there's Babs, so bloodthirsty in Double Indemnity, here showing her true nature.


And speaking of nature, that Simone Simon shows what a cat person really looks like.


Finally, who can forget Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake in This Bat for Hire?


Adam Ross said...

"Oliver, my God, your girlfriend is a cat!"

"Yeah, a real minx ain't she?"

"No, I mean she's actually a cat, look at her!"

"OK, she can be a little feisty at times, but she's a sweet girl."

"She's licking milk out of that dish!"

Rosemary's Nellhaus said...

Of course Veronica Lake was her own best special effect in I Married a Witch.

The Man with the Arbogast Eyes said...

Don't turn your back on Vlad Ladd... he'll go right for your femoral artery!

The Man with the Arbogast Eyes said...

There was always something vaguely vampiric about Barbara Stanwyck and that first picture is my favorite of this bunch. You can keep your Bette Davis eyes!

Dr. Pretorius Lapper said...

A quick response before I go. Running around with my head cut off right now trying to get business cards completed for my wife's art show that I'm supposed to be at right now.

Adam, it's the self-cleaning tongue baths that really catch your attention.

Rosemary's Nellhaus - Veronica Lake in I Married a Witch - Has there ever been a sexier witch?

Arbo - The Stanwyck and Ladd ones are simple creations but I think the Stanwyck one stands out too. There's something deeply alluring about Stanwyck as a vampire.

Jonathan said...

Oh Veronica Lake, will you marry me?

Countess Karnstein said...

I agree that the first pic is the best. Stanwyck would have been a great vampire.

p.s. I love your Twins of Evil banner! It's one of my favorite Hammer films.

Dr. Pretorius Lapper said...

Well it was a long day but plenty of fun. Sorry I was gone all day.

Jonathan - Veronica Lake was something else, wasn't she. Even with cat eyes, none of the appeal is gone.

Countess - Thanks! Twins of Evil is a great one. I have another screengrab of Peter Cushing and the Brotherhood with torch ready to light the fires of witchcraft but I kinda/sorta don't know what to do with it. "C'mon baby light my fire" is kind of lifeless. If I can't think of anything, maybe I'll put it on the sidebar just for fun.

Voje Bukacuda said...

Oh and that sounds just like me if I happen to catch a rom com, which is like never. I always shout at the collinson twins in disgust. lol