Friday, October 31, 2008

The Kill Fest Finale

So we meet one last time, for one last dip into the waters of murder and mayhem. For those who didn't see yesterday's post, this movie is more than a montage, it's a short film containing a montage. The movie is 2:45 in length and the montage is a little over a minute. There's a lot of clips in that minute, and, as always, timed to the music, so best to let it load all the way first before playing it. I'd like to start making the movies around here more than just montages, although I'll still make ones that are just montages, but I'm getting restless and want to do more. But that's neither here nor there for our purposes today. I hope you enjoy the movie - AND FOR THOSE AT WORK BE WARNED - There's a loud scream at the 1:07 mark when the title of the piece is finally introduced (and I'm not telling you what the title is, you'll just have to wait and see it). The rest is music. Also, the second half is pretty bloody, but given the deliberate progression of the editing and the subject matter, that couldn't really be avoided. And that's that. Enjoy.


Available on YouTube on Cinema Styles You Tube page here, where you can watch it in high quality (recommended).