Thursday, March 13, 2008

If You Build It, He Will Blow It Up

Bridge goes up , bridge goes down. God I love miniatures and models used in special effects! The skill and talent involved is impressive. Note that the model builders at the far end are not any (or very much) different in size than those in the foreground, indicating that they have built some incredible forced perspective into the model.

As for the movie itself The Golden Gate bridge is blown up during World War III in 41 Hours of Terror (1960) directed by... oh, I'm not saying. Let's turn this into a game. Who can figure out the name of this movie and director first? "Why that's easy," you say, "You gave us the name right there." Not quite. It's not listed on IMDB under that name and it wasn't released in the U.S. in 1960 and I'm not telling you the later U.S. dubbed version's name. Oh yeah, and even a google search on 41 Hours of Terror turns up nothing. Now obviously we all know a few bloggers out there (you know who you are) for which this should be a piece of cake but let's see if someone else can identify it first. So give me the Japanese IMDB title and U.S. dubbed version title and the director. The prize is the usual: I talk about how freakishly cool you are in the comment section.


And a quick note: My computer at home is nearing the limit of its hard drive capacity (as in we're down to the last gig) due to hundreds of hours of film footage shot over the years as well as countless dvd clips used for montages and other things I'm working on that are clogging it up. As a result it has slowed down considerably causing regular crashes so I'm currently cleaning it up by transferring the film to CD. This is rather time consuming so the posts for the next week will be short and sweet like this one and CB DeMille one before it. And that video post I mentioned has to wait a little longer. Right now just editing a few seconds of it causes everything to lock up for minutes. I should get most of it done by this weekend but just wanted to explain for all those thinking, "Hey, he's leaning pretty heavily on the scans right now isn't he?"